Our Island, Tasmania

remote, isolated coastline - a realm of it's own


Tasmania, an island where the raw power of nature has crafted the worlds best products.

Our isolated coastline on the edge of the earth is not only home to exceptional seafood but also to a way of life that respects and cherishes the beauty of nature.

It is one of the really true wild places on earth, and we are privileged to share a small piece of it with world.

In a close-knit place like Tasmania, only one thing really matters when starting a business: reputation

The story of JSJ Seafood starts much like many Tasmanian businesses – with friendship, a shared dream, and a new approach. Founders Jim, Stu, and Jezza were already firmly rooted in the Tasmanian seafood industry. While their expertise is commendable, it’s their shared vision, enduring perseverance, and deep-seated friendship that truly set the course for JSJ’s success.

They say anyone who enjoys working in the seafood industry must be incredibly passionate, have a good sense of humour and be a little bit mad – the team at JSJ, true to their founders, have buckets of all three.

JSJ Seafood are based in Tasmania with two export premises servicing our loyal fishing fleet, from King Island and the coastal town of Triabunna.

Our Responsibility TO THIS ISLAND

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond responsible fishing practices.

To ensure our oceans remain healthy, our fisheries are strictly managed by the Tasmanian Government, and the Australian Government’s Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 ( EPBC Act), assessing the environmental performance of fisheries and promoting ecologically sustainable fisheries management. 

Safeguarding the environment that nurtures our seafood secures our industry for the future.

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